Inner Path Yoga & Movement Classes

Inner Path Yoga is now donation based! CLICK HERE to view our current yoga schedule…

Gentle Yoga with Nicole Swingle

Be like water and move with ease and grace. A soft, simple yoga flow designed to open, balance and soothe your being with a focus on breath and quality of movement. All levels.

Geometric Yoga with Horacio Roa

Stretching, breathing, attention and relaxation are the four golden rules of this practice. Coordinate the brain, tone the organs, increase circulation and regenerate cells. All levels.

Restorative Yoga with Jacquie Weills

Combines gentle yoga asana for strength and flexibility as well as meditation, breathwork and relaxing restorative poses using bolsters, blankets and hands-on adjustments. All levels.

Dynamic Yoga with Erin Wen

This class will focus on exploring dynamic movement within the yoga asanas facilitated by breath. Students will be guided to explore their bodies through normal ranges of movement that promote circulation, vitality, and health.

Yoga for the Spine with Stephanie Iris

This class is specifically designed for those have spinal injuries and back pain and want to do yoga poses that promote a healthy, strong and flexible spine.

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