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Gentle Yoga with Teena

In this class we will focus on the basic postures of Hatha Yoga; infusing pauses between the postures to allow for reflection and the experience of the subtle body. In this movement meditation you will experience your own inner joy, challenge your physical body in a practical and safe class guided by my many years of teaching experience and a keen attention to alignment and detail. Feel empowered and revitalized in this gentle Hatha Yoga experience.

Class Prices:

Drop In – $12

Package: – 10 classes for $100

Geometric Yoga with Horacio Roa

Beyond the practice of yoga there is ONE MAIN OBJECTIVE.
The goal is to help the body connect holistically.

What does this mean? We would agree that it means engaging in postures that will help the body become healthier, more relaxed and less stressed. In our experience, there are also deeper layers that are affected by the proper practice of this method.

Yoga is meant to help you unify (i.e. holistically) the mind, emotions and body in the perception of reality. Reality includes what you will consider spiritual practice. Connecting all levels of yoga is a unique exercise.

We invite you to join Geometric Yoga to help you align all the factors that make for a healthier life:
biologically (cellular level),
physically (muscles and organs),
emotionally (connecting with positive emotions),
intellectually (finding the right reasons to move forward), and
spiritually (awareness of the higher world).

The practice of Geometric Yoga manifests in further development of breathing, concentration and attention, stretching and relaxation.

Classes are held at Inner Path at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays.

For more information contact Horacio Roa at 530-790-5167.

Registration is now open for the 250 Hour Geometric Yoga Teacher Training Program

Niyama Yoga, Asana and Pranayama

This event is structured through a five-week yoga class series. We will create more depth within our inner worlds by taking the initiative to begin the work of inner observances. As we flow through the Niyamas, the second limb of eight within the yogic path; Law of observances, we will cleanse the mind, subtle body/channels, and physical body. Assured to create new skills in bringing awareness for your inner wellbeing and community. Aho!

Package (5 classes at $15 each) $75
Drop in $20/ or a donation. No one turned for lack of funds.

Class Schedule:

Every other Saturday, 75 min class.

June 18 9-10:15a; Saucha/ Purity- Niyama Yoga

June 25 9- 10:15a; Santosha/ Contentment- Niyama Yoga

July 16 9-10:15a; Tapas/ Self Discipline- Niyama Yoga

July 23 9-10:15a; Svadhyaya/ Self Study- Niyama Yoga

August 6 9-10:15a; Ishvara Pranidhana/ Attunement to God- Niyama Yoga

Qi Gong for Health and Wellness

This class will include Qi Gong energy work on the endocrine system, the five internal organs, the eight Brocades, brain exercises, sound healing exercises, bone marrow cleansing, and more. We will also tap into some easy ageless Tai Chi.

No equipment needed, just comfortable, normal clothing

Inside/Outside – The class will be held outside, at Robinson Plaza, when weather and general conditions permit. All other times it will be in the Yoga Studio at Inner Path.

Suggested donation: $10, but no one turned away

For more information:
(530) 265-6353 (phone)
(530) 559-5543 (text)

Restorative Sound Healing

In this class, we will calm and relax the nervous system, release mental chatter, and offer gentleness to our emotional and physical bodies. Restorative Yoga postures will be held for 5 – 15 min each, supported with bolsters and blankets so the body can deeply relax. While in these postures, I will offer sound healing techniques with crystal bowls, vocal pitch and tone, and a moon drum. Guided meditations for energetic release will also be interwoven throughout class.

Cost: Sliding Scale $10 – $17

Contact Info:
Instagram: @lizwwagner
Facebook: Liz W. Wagner

Restorative Yoga with Jacquie Weills

Combines gentle yoga asana for strength and flexibility as well as meditation, breathwork and relaxing restorative poses using bolsters, blankets and hands-on adjustments. All levels.

Class Fee:
$15 – Drop In
$75 – 5 Class Pass ($70 if cash)

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