Inner Path 2018 Fundraising Appeal

Your Help is Needed

Since 2014, Inner Path has provided a sacred space for the expression of our community’s many spiritual traditions. As a non-profit organization we ask for your financial support as we strive to bring forth our vision of service to the spiritual community of Nevada County. Your contribution will ensure our ability to maintain Inner Path as a unique spiritual center in service to a community of many diverse and wonderful traditions. With your help we will continue to provide expansive and inclusive programs and services, and expand our offerings in many ways throughout the new year.

A Few Highlights of 2017

  • We held daily free meditations and healing prayers.
  • The Inner Path Healing Room was used over 400 times by local wellness practitioners.
  • We hosted over 900 uplifting events in the Inner Path Yoga and Meditation rooms.
  • We increased the diversity of our offerings, encompassing a wide range of spiritual traditions.
  • The Inner Path Lending Library, focued on wellness and spiritual growth, nearly doubled in size.
  • We hosted the first annual Nevada City Yoga Fest and Wellness Fair.

Project Ideas for the Coming Year

  • Expansion of Nevada City Yoga Fest and Wellness Fair into a county-wide event
  • Creation of an Inner Path School of Sacred Music and annual Sacred Music Festival
  • Facilitation of free yoga and wellness clinics
  • Collaboration with local service organizations to offer programs for those in need
  • Development of a summer yoga camp for children and families in need

How Important is My Donation?

This is the first year that Inner Path is actively fundraising and your donation is vitally important. Our ability to maintain and grow as a spiritual community center is dependent on not just the income from products and services, but also the support of donors such as you. Our fundraising goal of $120,000 for 2018 will ensure our financial stability and allow development of new projects throughout the year. Your support, in any amount, is greatly appreciated.