I am an Integrative Intuitive Quantum Healer, Shamanic Alchemist, Yoga Instructor, Homeopathic Practitioner, Clairvoyant, Body Worker and Drum Medicine Woman. In my connection to Source Energy, I hold space for deep transformational practices while creating deep healing. Connecting to the Quantum field with my clients allows them to identify and release the root cause of blockages or disharmony on the subconscious level that is lodged in the body. Through this powerful connection clients are able to re-align their energy into a flow state that gravitates what it is they truly desire rather than manifesting life experiences from what they do not desire. Led by my deep intuitive gifts, insight, spiritual practices and extensive studies. I work with individuals and groups in developing healing, well-being, self-empowerment, clarity, unity, and happiness. Together with my clients I guide them into the surrender of stagnant patterns, experiences, and energy that no longer serves the body. Through removing energetic blockages while creating healing on a mental, cellular and spiritual level expansion and release occurs. The release of these blockages results in numerous breakthroughs and positive results in my clients' lives. I am devoted to sharing the message of healing through inner awakening, realization of the power of self-healing and the allowance of personal empowerment. You have the ability to live an abundant and successful life. May blessings engulf the divine light that you are with abundance and happiness! I look forward to diving deep with you in these sacred ancient practices.

namastemadre@gmail.com; 530-448-2745

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