Marituly Gatodemonte and Madeline Lynch

Marituly Gatodemonte is a Pioneer for Mother Earth and Universal Seed Guardian. A visionary and holistic healer, she is focused on natural medicine, botanical nutrition, sweat lodge, permaculture design and alternative children’s programming based on various means of artistic expression. Her philosophy is to live authentically, follow your truth and do what makes your heart sing. Marituly founded the collective initiative Weaving Worlds to catalyze regenerative planetary solutions and create an equitable & abundant future for all living beings. Her dream in action is focused on creating “Transcultural Beehives” across the world, providing self-sustainable sanctuaries for displaced children and elders of all nations.

Madeline Lynch is an artist and healer who is passionate about blending art making and spiritual meditative practices for healing, empowerment, and transformation. Madeline holds a master’s in psychology from Columbia University, a certificate in herbalism from Acorn School of Natural Medicine, and is a certified massage therapist from the Potomac Massage Training Institute of Washington, DC. As an artist she has exhibited in Costa Rica, Colombia, Japan, and the United States.

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