Nimra Khan

Nimra’s yoga odyssey spans nine years, culminating in her recent completion of
Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training at RA MA in Los Angeles. Growing up in
Karachi, she was an inquisitive teenager, questioning the societal norms and
pondering life’s deeper meaning beyond what screens and schools portrayed.

Driven by a quest for a more meaningful existence, Nimra embarked on a life-
altering journey at the age of 16, moving to the United States to study Pre-Law.

This was followed by a profound exploration into the realm of spirituality as she
pursued a Master’s in Religion at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Under the
guidance of her mentor, Dr. Ramdas, Nimra delved into the study of Sacred
Sounds and Mantras, deepening her connection to Yoga and Meditation.

Today, Nimra Khan continues her journey, not only as a Kundalini Yoga teacher
but as a storyteller who bridges worlds through the ancient wisdom of yoga and
its modern expression. Her narrative unfolds as an inspiring fusion of spiritual
awakening, artistic exploration, and a commitment to elevating the lives of her


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