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Satsang with Guruji Divya Chetna

August 13 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Inner Path welcomes Swami Divya Chetna who will hold a satsang on the topic: “Life’s Problems: Their Causes and Solutions”. The satsang will include a meditation with Guruji as well as a question and answer period.

For more information, please contact Kalyani Todd at (916) 550-2309 or kalyanitodd@gmail.com.

About Swami Divya Chetna – simply known as “Guruji”

Swamiji is a great yogi of Siddhashram, a place in the Himalayan Mountains where great spiritual masters reside. He is a disciple of Shree Nikhileshwarananda, also known as Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali from Jodhpur, and a disciple of Shree Baba Bhootnath of Lucknow. He works closely with Paramhansa Yogananda, Mahavatar Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteshwarji, Lord Krishna, and others who are living on the other side of the veil, but who take a great interest in guiding the lives of many on this side. Such great ones do not come for one incarnation only!

Early Years:
In his youth, Swamiji was known as Ranjeet Chaube. He graduated from the prestigious Benares Hindu University in India with a degree in Chemical Engineering. First, he worked in the top corporations of the 1970’s, then later on he established his own textile business.
During this period he came across Baba Bhoothnathji of Lucknow, whose extraordinary divine powers immediately aroused a deep spiritual fervor in Swamiji. He earnestly began his sadhana (spiritual practices), which included how to communicate with the universal Divine Mother. Baba Bhoothnathji trained him in meditation, in tantra and in mantra. He also taught Guruji the secrets of the supernatural and paranormal phenomena existing in the spiritual worlds. Baba Bhoothnathji trained him in using these powers to help himself and all other disciples who would come to Swamiji for guidance in the future. Baba Bhoothnathji further instructed Swamiji to settle in Mumbai and lead the well-balanced life of a householder, businessman, and spiritual yogi. This instruction was given to Swamiji because Babaji knew very well that Swamiji would be guiding disciples who are primarily householders, struggling with daily problems of money matters, family, children, health, career, education etc. All of these problems need to be resolved before disciples can be set on the path of sadhana. Swamiji has been successfully doing this for many years.

Middle Years:
Swamiji came to Mumbai and was leading his life as per the instructions of Babaji: “be a householder in the daytime and a yogi by night.” Nearly a decade passed leading his life in this manner. During this time, Swamiji perfected his practice of Kriya Yoga under the guidance of direct disciples of Lahiri Mahasaya and Self Realization Fellowship. He also received training from the prestigious Paramahansa Ramakrishna Monastery.
By now the celestial stars aligned in such a way that Swamiji was drawn to the next stage of his spiritual quest. A friend happened to take him to a spiritual camp organized by a well-known Tantric Yogi and Astrologer and Philosopher of that time. This was now 1987. This great personality was none other than Dr. Narayana Dutt Shrimali, also known as Paramahansa Nikhileshwaranda.
During that camp, Swamiji became mesmerized by the knowledge of Paramahansa Nikhileshwaranda. A connection was established between the Guru and the disciple, though the disciple did not realize it immediately. Still the bond between them became stronger and stronger with every meeting until all of Swamiji’s doubts cleared away. Swamiji spent many years under the guidance of his Guru practicing various sadhanas. At the pinnacle of his spiritual quest, Swamiji was blessed by his Guru. As a result, Swamiji had the rare opportunity of receiving direct darshan of various Deities and of receiving Their blessings. Swamiji can commune with all these Deities anytime. It is with Their guidance that Swamiji guides all his disciples.
Swamiji got deeply involved with his Guru’s mission and worked hard to spread his teachings, which he is actively doing even today. Swamiji organized many Yagynas (powerful Vedic fire ceremonies), spiritual retreats and programs across India. He also wrote many books during the time his Guru was in his physical body. A few years ago, before leaving this planet, his Guru summoned Ranjeet and initiated him into the Monastic order, giving him a new name: “Swami Divya Chetnanand” – literally meaning ‘Master of Divine Consciousness’. His Guru then instructed Swamiji about his duties in the future. A message from his Guru is given here for the benefit of devotees.


(This message was given by Param-Guru Paramhansa Nikhileshwarananda to our beloved Master Swami Divya Chetnanand on the auspicious occasion of the 1008 Yagna Camp organized by him in Mumbai in the year 1992.This is the year when he received his initiation and got the name Swami Divya Chetnanand.)

“In the midst of deepest darkness of ignorance, let my disciples shine like the brilliant sun and penetrate this darkness by spreading the brilliant rays of spirituality, by means of performing yagnas and sadhanas, thereby providing complete fulfillment to themselves and to the world. I have this vision, and I bless you on this auspicious occasion. Let my disciples provide a rock-solid foundation and guidance to society. Let my disciples revolutionize the world with weapons of Tantra. Let them become beacons of light for the world. Basking in the threefold (triveni) waters of Love, Surrender and Faith, being connected with the Great Prana (Lifeforce), and the Energy of the Guru, absorbing the Knowledge of the Guru, such a disciple alone can bring this vision to life. He alone can liberate himself and everyone in this world.”

Present Era:

In the late 1990’s Shree Divyachetnanandji started his Mission, called “Divya Chetna Kendra” – Divine Consciousness Center. This Mission’s goal is to spread ancient Vedic knowledge for the betterment of everyday life, teaching people how they can use their inherent spiritual powers to lead a well-balanced life to become, as Guruji says, “successful materially as well as spiritually”.

Stated Mission of Divya Chetna Kendra, the Divine Consciousness Center:


  • The Mission is working tirelessly to spread the great teachings of the Tantras in a very pure sublime form.
  • The Mission is also working on writing and promoting books on tantra, mantra and yantra (mystical diagrams).
  • This teaching was given by Divine Mother herself and revealed as part of the conversation between Herself and Lord Shiva, The Divine Father.
  • The Mission also guides people to solve any obstacles in material life with the help of tantra, mantra and yantra.
  • The Mission also teaches people to perform sadhanas (disciplined spiritual practices), meditation, pooja (active worship), Homa (fire sacrifice), all by themselves, in a proper systematic manner, as prescribed in the scriptures.
  • Lastly, the Mission’s goal is to take all beings to their goal of Self Realization, where they are all led back to their Divine Home with Divine Mother Mahavidya and Divine Father Shiva.
2 replies
  1. sharon
    sharon says:

    I feel such a yearning when I read of Guruji or see him speak on video. Would Master want me to meet him, I wonder. If magnetism be the yardstick, then yes. I feel a great pull there. But, how can one have more than one Guru? Yogananda is my hearth of heart and my sure steps to freedom. Would there though, be an earthly messenger too, here in the body, who can be directly with us in his stead. Could Guruji be that one and am I being trepid when there is no need. –But be as the child does who simply follows happiness and freedom to its fulfillment.

    • Astara
      Astara says:

      Dear Sharon,
      Jesus, Babaji, Lahiri, Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda and Amma are all my gurus. And, I met Guruji a few years ago and took discipleship with him. He is a great soul who has been guided here to work with us who are dedicated to God. I highly recommend you come to meet him. Aummm, Astara B Gustin


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August 13
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Inner Path Nevada City
200 Commercial St.
Nevada City, CA United States
530 470-6057

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