april, 2019

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27apr9:30 am5:30 pmAtma Kriya Yoga9:30 am - 5:30 pm Yoga Studio 1 Presenter: Varahi


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Atma Kriya Yoga helps you realize a personal relationship with the Divine by bringing the awareness of the soul into everything you do. Through the grace of Shaktipat Initiation, the practice brings you more love, joy and connection with life itself. It also helps burn lifetimes of karma, and purify the mind and body so you can advance on your spiritual path.

Atma Kriya Yoga is our most advanced practice; each technique cultivates a different type of bhakti – love of the Divine – and opens the heart to the transformational power of love. The techniques are simple enough for beginners to learn, yet powerful enough to take even the most experienced meditators to new realms of awareness and Divine connection.


Burn Karma

Atma Kriya Yoga purifies all levels of your consciousness: body, emotions, mind and intellect, which allows your inner light to shine brighter. The practice burns lifetimes of karma, removing everything that stands in the way of you ultimately realising the ever-present Divine residing in your own heart.

Eternal Relationship

The goal of true yoga is union with the Divine: Self-Realisation through Divine Love. Atma Kriya Yoga inspires you to bring the awareness of your eternal Self into every thought, word and action. The techniques connect you with the source of life within your own being so you can fully enjoy your eternal relationship with the Divine.

Awaken the Divine Qualities

As your practice deepens, Divine Qualities naturally begin to manifest: peace, self-control, strength, wisdom, humility, compassion, vitality, and more. Atma Kriya Yoga gives you the tools to transcend the duality of the material world and awaken Divine Love: everything you need to attain true freedom.


Shaktipat Initiation

Shaktipat is the reason Atma Kriya Yoga is the most powerful form of yoga available today. The Kriya Lineage Shaktipat Initiation unlocks the full potential of the techniques, protecting and guiding the practitioner every step of the practice. It also awakens the Divine Light that lies dormant inside your chakras and guarantees the success of the techniques.

Lineage – History

Mahavatar Babaji is the father of all Kriya lineages and the Guru of Paramahamsa Vishwananda, the Master of Atma Kriya Yoga. The blessing and grace of all the Kriya Masters is infused into the student through the Shaktipat Initiation. It is that blessing that ultimately leads the practitioner to experience the ever-present Divine residing in their own heart.

Full System

Atma Kriya Yoga is a full yogic system that includes meditation, as well as energetic and physical yogic exercises. The practice is well-rounded and yet flexible enough to incorporate into a busy lifestyle. Atma Kriya Yoga is ideally suited for this current time in history as it helps to develop bhakti: love of the Divine in all things.

Cost: $350 (sliding scale payment options available)


(Saturday) 9:30 am - 5:30 pm


Yoga Studio 1

200 Commercial Street


Varahilivinglightpress@gmail.com 631-806-6083

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