july, 2019

25jul7:30 pm9:30 pmCellular Memory Release (CMR)Know yourself - heal yourself -Empower yourself!7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Yoga Studio 1 Presenter: Luis Diaz


Event Details

Six CMR CLASSES (the second and fourth Thursday of the month)

During these classes, you will learn the fundamentals of Cellular Memory Release, a methodology which combines ancient healing tools with the practical application of modern neuroscience and emotional intelligence.

You will learn two fundamental strategies to leave behind those repetitive patterns that affect your health, your profession and/or your relationships.


We were conditioned to believe that we are what we are not and because of that we have to pay a very high price that affects our health and wellbeing. The greeks used to say: “Know yourself and you’ll know the universe.”  Most of the conflict, drama, power struggles and physical illnesses will get resolved when you get clear about who and what you really are.

You will learn:

– How to feel confident overcoming negative self judgement and self condemnation.

– How to use your body-mind system like a laboratory where the only qualified scientist is YOU!

– How to expand your consciousness and know from your gut: “who you are and why you are here

– How to discover in yourself and expose to the light, your hidden gifts and talents.

– How to gain clarity and direction so you can fully live your life purpose.


We are humans, and humans sometimes have to go through tragedy, loss, anxiety, separation, shame, guilt or anger. In the face of difficulties, we are programmed to do our best to endure and move on. Often, we end up suppressing the emotional pain within us and that creates energy stagnation in our bodies and mind. Stagnation is the cause of most of the problems we have to face both internally and externally.

You will learn:

– How to overcome loss, fear and anxiety.

– How to transform destructive anger into creative power.

– How to heal pain from the past that is still affecting you and move on.

– How to heal the roots and deepest causes of any emotional wound.

– How to deactivate the negative patterns affecting your health, relationships and professional life.

– How to reorganize your life, based on what is essentially authentic and genuine for you. 

Donation: $10

For More Information: info@cellularmemory.org

Phone – 530 713 7213

Email – info@cellularmemory.org

Website – www.cellularmemory.org


(Thursday) 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


Yoga Studio 1

200 Commercial Street


Luis Diazinfo@cellularmemory.org - Phone - 530 713 7213

Luis Angel Diaz has developed a practical and effective process for emotional education and healing. Known as the CMR process, it is a cohesive and integrated system to transform core beliefs that causes discomfort, disease and suffering in us. Luis, has more than 25 years of experience in healing and empowerment and is trained and certified in several modalities in natural and alternative medicine. The foundational techniques of the CMR process were developed from its own life experience which you can read in his book “Memory in the cells, how to transform behavioral patterns”.

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