december, 2019

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15dec7:00 pm9:30 pmRootFlute Cacao Lucid Meditation7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Yoga Studio 1 Presenter: Daniel Hansen


Event Details

Please join us on a potent subconscious journey through vast hypnotic soundscapes.

This journey will begin with ceremonial grade Organic Guatemalan Cacao, optional lucid dreaming herbs and CBD tincture. Participants will be guided into a visual lucid meditation.

Participants have experienced deep subconscious travels, visionary dreamscapes, lucid dreamstate meditations, remembrances and reconnections of self, deep emotional processing, and other healing experiences.

The entire soundscape is rooted in C# Sharp 432 Hz, the Om tone of 136.1 Hz.

The RootFlute Sound Journey includes a unique collection of Hansen’s self-made multi-chamber Flutes, 38” Paiste gong, 10 Tibetan singing bowls on an elaborate foot pedal system, didgeridoo, analog synth, shakuhachi, esraj (Indian bowed instrument), soprano saxophone, plate bells, swing chimes, tuned symbols, and an array of percussion instruments.  All live looped to create vast sonic dreamscapes.

Click to see the setup live!

If you are excited for RootFlute to return to your town, please take a moment to invite friends and share the event.  When we work together life is better!!


Why Cacao?

Cacao “Food of the Gods” is chocolate as nature created it.

Cacao has been used ceremonially for thousands of years by indigenous peoples of Central and South America. A sacred gift from Earth Cacao opens the heart and unifies the energy field of the group. While creating a mild euphoric effect, Cacao also sharpens the mind keeping you alert and aware during mindful practice and sound meditation. Daniel sources his cacao directly from Mayan wisdom keepers and has received there blessing to share it with you!  This is a 5000 year old strain of cacao!!

What is “Lucid Meditation”

Hansen has been developing the Lucid Meditation over 100 sound journeys.  He has worked with renowned meditation instructors, Mayan Wisdom keepers, and Yoga Nidra facilitators.  This meditation is designed to work with the breath and create relaxation in the body, peace in the soul, a deeper connection to sound, and positive visualization in the mind.

What are lucid dreaming herbs?

Mugwort will be offered in a tincture.  This powerful herb has the ability to make dreams longer, clearer, more vivid and pronounced. When combined with the “Lucid Meditation” participants may have an increased visual experience. Enhanced dreams the night of the event is also a possibility.


What to bring

Anything to aid in your comfort while laying on the floor during the event.

Small camping pads, yoga mats, pillows, blankets, eye mask, and a water bottle.

25-40$ sliding scale -organic cacao, and lucid dream herbs included in price-

Cash at door is also ok.

*Pre-registration is highly recommend*  Here is a link to purchase your ticket:

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Daniel’s Sound Journey made me feel as though I was gifted 2 hours of clarity. I was gifted a glimpse into my divine purpose here on earth. I saw – but more importantly – I felt the essence of my ultimate existence unfolding. In those moments while I was lucid, I felt so purely contented, connected, and joyful that I started to cry. I saw myself in the company of loved ones – we were all supporting one another – and we all loved ourselves and our community so purely and deeply. The giving and receiving between us flowed forth abundantly. Nobody sat with scarcity or loneliness as we fluidly exchanged love in all of its many forms. Lack was no more as fear was no longer necessary for survival. We were all with acceptance, at peace, and happy. Everyone was living for the same reason: to be happy, healthy, connected, and free to express ourselves without fear of judgment. -Mia Tempe AZ

I attended this sound journey once before at OneDoorLand. It was worth it alone to witness the singular sonic wonder of RootFlute – this one man holy band, with his flute inventions and his gong and cymbal rack and his full body orchestration. In a small but very real and true way, you just haven’t lived yet if you haven’t experienced his sacred performance art. Those of us down to imbibe cacao drank our cacao, we laid down on our mats, closed our eyes, and were transported straight to the crystal castles of the imaginal realms, straight to Oz. It was highly psychoactive, in the best way, in the beauty way, in the golden waterfall of abundance at the center of all things way. I will definitely be attending again, wouldn’t miss it. -Mindy, Portland

“Imagine receiving the gift of a journey, but not just any journey… a journey through sound, through the forest of your soul immersed in Daniel Hansen’s spiritually crafted soundscape and adrift upon a sea of essential oil scented air while floating on spreading warmth of freshly brewed Cacao… an immersive and mystical experience like this in the company of beautiful and divine friends is more than a gift, it is a moment in time where the otherworldly essence of the spirit is free to wander down paths of light and tone guided through the landscape of dreams and imagination by a Master Sound Story Teller.” – Vagabond Ink

“Thank you Dan Hansen and for an amazing healing sound journey last night!!! It was truly the peace and centering I have been needing! I hope to never miss another! So tremendously wonderful! If you have not experienced this magic, you haven’t fully lived. Seriously such a profound experience. Can’t wait for the next one!” – Lacy

“So much love to Daniel Hansen for the aaaahhh-mazing Rootflute Sound Journey last night! I am just blown away by the musical mastery, the effortless clearing and the beauty these two created! I can’t wait to do it again! (and to one day have a flute of my own!) If you didn’t come out, you missed out big time…make sure to come to the next one!” – Nina

“Not knowing what to expect I entered the space at La Paz and got comfortable.  What followed was out of myself and out of this world. Starting with a full dose of cacao, I got comfortable and followed the guided meditation to a state of relaxation and openness.  The sound delivered by Mr. Root Flute, from his self-made, multi-instrumented station, was phenomenal. It filled my being and carried me off and away. The skill of Daniel’s performance is phenomenal. I started to see things; the rising music lifted me through jungles up to mountains, in moments of repreive I could fly above it all.  Visuals kept coming and I began to see a small version of myself, sat and made of light in the distance. As the music progressed so too did visions until the figure got so close it overlapped my being.  I became it and could see myself sat. An outer body experience. Such was the power of the cacao and the music.  I layed back and drifted on that dreamy edge between sleep and wakefulness.  Sitting back up I felt unblocked. Tears came out.  An excellent experience that took me by surprise and left me feeling positive and uplifted.

Strongly recommended!”


(Sunday) 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm


Yoga Studio 1

200 Commercial Street



Hansen was born in 1982 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. As a boy, his mother played him her record collection,which captured his vibrant imagination. Growing up in rural Wisconsin, he has well learned many problem-solving skills from his father. At the age of 10, he picked up the saxophone, which he played in school and various bands around the world. Looking for adventure, he moved to Colorado when he was 19. In 2002 he taught himself guitar and started song writing. At 22, Hansen traveled to Kauai, where he met a flute maker who peaked his interest in exotic, handmade flutes. Starting in 2005, Hansen traveled all over the Americas and parts of Asia, absorbing local cultures and traditions, initially searching for unique flutes, that were functional pieces of art. After a crash course in bamboo harvesting in the jungles of Kauai in 2009, the first “Root Flutes” were created and the search changed into a quest for collecting materials ranging from bamboos and crystals, to elk antler sheds and exotic wood, fossilized mammoth tusk and other fossilized materials. Hansen has harvested these materials to create his one of a kind instruments as he traveled in Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, India, Kauai and Bali & more. A self-taught artist inspired by ancient traditions of flute making, Daniel Hansen has never apprenticed with anyone. His teachers have been the works he has studied, the cultures he has experienced and his brief encounters of several hours with elderly flute masters during his travels. Hansen’s level of curiosity, his commitment to the craftsmanship of ancient music and his hunger to create and convey meaning through this unique medium, drive him to continue his quest of crafting these beautiful tools of vibration. His impulses and ambition come from an authentic search for further potential and greater possibilities of this craft. Practicing an art almost wholly lost in his generation, he is deeply grateful to all his teachers, past, present and future. That deep honoring is evident in every piece and performance he makes. The act of playing these sacred flutes necessitates deep awareness of breath, drawing the player into the present. Conscious breath becomes sound, a kind of potent medicine. A vibration that reconnects us to our bodies and beings. To listen to Hansen play his handmade multi-tone flutes is to bear witness to a fundamental human undertaking: a ritual so pure and so absent from our modern, plugged in life.

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