march, 2020

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16mar6:00 pm8:00 pmThe School For Earth Healers - Level 26:00 pm - 8:00 pm Meditation Room Presenter: Heather Rose


Event Details

In this 8-week course we will work with subtle levels of energy affecting your personal dharma and soul purpose as a healer, teacher, and leader on the planet. We will explore different aspects of energetic reality that make up daily life on both the personal, global, and universal level. This class will prepare you to operate at your highest level to effect great change. 2020 marks a choice point on the planet for the shift of humanity and Mother Earth needs you to be fully present in your divine gifts to assist this major transformation.

This class is open to Level 1 graduates only and is the pre-requisite for the Energetic Healer Practitioners Training beginning May 12, 2020!

You’ll learn to:

Commune with nature for divination, healing, and maintaining a healthy energetic experience in your body. Hold energetic space for yourself, groups, and Mother Earth at a new level of light.

Clear karmic past life patterns and current unconscious energies that keep you separate from your divine purpose and gifts.

Learn the vibrations of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and how to integrate these energies in your body

Work with the major destructive energies affecting nature and the Earth and heal and clear this as a group.

Hold space for the Earth and Humanity to shift into the high vibrational grid that is already in place for a co-creative, win-win, collaborative, inclusive Earth reality.



(Monday) 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Meditation Room

200 Commercial Street


Heather or (916) 757-7346

Heather is a teacher, healer, and intuitive who uses her background in science to facilitate a multi-dimensional healing experience. She is dedicated to helping psychic children, teens, and adults. She assists light-workers and healers in opening their gifts and healing their deepest pain. Heather combines her deep knowledge of earth processes and connection to nature to reconnect people to the earth. She works with universal, spiritual, and earth energy.
Heather has assisted hundreds of clients to heal, expand, and open to their true gifts. She has worked with cancer patients, people recovering from surgery and auto accidents, individuals suffering from depression, insomnia, anxiety, and other chronic conditions with great results. She also assists individuals through processes of spiritual transformation and moving to new levels of consciousness and awakening. At the core of Heather’s work is a deepening of individual’s connection to the earth, nature, and the universe and the embodiment of each person’s divinity.

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