july, 2019

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20jul2:00 pm6:00 pmThe School for Earth Healers - Weekend ImmersionChakra Healing (Level 1)2:00 pm - 6:00 pm Inner Path Presenter: Heather Rose


Event Details

Are you ready to heal on the deepest level? Do you feel powerless in the midst of environmental destruction and social injustice?

Join me for a 2- day weekend intensive offered Saturday and Sunday from 2-6 pm. Understand, heal, and awaken your true multi-dimensional nature.

This class will introduce you to the energetic nature of the human body, Earth, and universe. You will learn practical tools to shift your life and relationships. In addition to personal tools for healing, you will learn how your unconscious energy and the dense energy of your unresolved trauma, as well as of humanity’s unresolved pain, affects the entire planet. By bringing these aspects to consciousness, you can heal your life and utilize tools to shift the energetic matrix of the entire planet.

These teachings come from ancient wisdom, earth processes, and universal energies aligned with love and choice. If you are interested in being a pioneer on the cutting edge of reality weaving a new life that you will love living then this workshop will greatly benefit you.

Chakra Healing Weekend Immersion

Activating your Sacred Ancestry and Facilitating Personal and Planetary Multi-dimensional Healing

This weekend intensive is designed to:

Attune to subtle energies in your chakras, energetic bodies, and dimensions of love and light to heal current and past life unconscious blocks to you power

Heal Ancestral Trauma and Reunite you with Your Sacred Ancestors

Reclaim and restore your whole essence, divine purpose, and gifts

Re-weave your energetic grid 

Utilize Earth energies to heal situations and destructive environmental practices

Align with Universal energy of light and love to shift situations personally and globally

Program Cost: $400 or $300 early bird pricing (Pay by July 8)

For information and to register call 916-757-7346 or heather.goldenweb@gmail.com.


(Saturday) 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Inner Path

200 Commercial Street


Heather RoseHeather.goldenweb@gmail.com or (916) 757-7346

Heather is a teacher, healer, and intuitive who uses her background in science to facilitate a multi-dimensional healing experience. She is dedicated to helping psychic children, teens, and adults. She assists light-workers and healers in opening their gifts and healing their deepest pain. Heather combines her deep knowledge of earth processes and connection to nature to reconnect people to the earth. She works with universal, spiritual, and earth energy.
Heather has assisted hundreds of clients to heal, expand, and open to their true gifts. She has worked with cancer patients, people recovering from surgery and auto accidents, individuals suffering from depression, insomnia, anxiety, and other chronic conditions with great results. She also assists individuals through processes of spiritual transformation and moving to new levels of consciousness and awakening. At the core of Heather’s work is a deepening of individual’s connection to the earth, nature, and the universe and the embodiment of each person’s divinity.

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