january, 2021

23jan2:00 pm3:00 pmEvent CancelledTea Time Meditations, Prayer, and Satsang2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Inner Path Presenter: Travis Fico


Event Details

Tea Time meditations will consist of a simple nourishment of tea and a slowing down and tuning in with prayer and Invocation to Align with the Soul and Spirit which will optimize our time together. From there, we will share guided meditation to empower and meet our prayer of alignment, linking the vehicles of our physical/energetic, emotional, mental, and Soul into a single functioning operating system to the highest capacity possible for each participant present. These meditations may take a different form each time we meet. That said, alignment with the Soul and Spirit will be the consistent intention and facilitation. After meditation, the space will be open to ask or bring up any topics related to your personal process, healing, clearing, aligning, meditation, Soul, Spirit, esoteric anatomy and esoteric psychology to aid ones spiritual process and progress. We will focus on empowering you with the tools and insight to remove any obstacles or obscurations in the way of Unconditional Love towards ourself and others. Simultaneously we will work on cultivating the qualities of Love, clarity, and virtue of all kinds. Depending on the trajectory of our time together, we may likely close with another short meditation, and Prayer. The intention here is to bring insight that is laced with Love and Light via the Soul in a way that will optimize ones process personally, and soulfully. As well as create openings for new processes that will catalyze ones higher development and the grounding of ones system into a more holistic, virtuous, dedicated, and devoted service to God, humanity and the planet.

“The greatest service you can render this world is your own Self realization.” -Ramana Maharishi

God bless.


(Saturday) 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Inner Path

200 Commercial Street


Travis Ficomountaingems@gmail.com

Travis began a spiritual path (partially realized oneness for the first time) as a young teenager walking in the woods and would spend time daily working with a technique that came naturally called ‘Samyama’ where one dissolves their sense of self into the quality or essence of another form, usually this was with crystals, trees, water, sunlight, and plants. That said, there was a huge gap in his experience of a partial union with things, that wanted many things selfishly, including  “high states”, possessions, status, even experience, that created much suffering in his life and the lives of those close to him. He came to realize he was running away from life, running away from pain, and running away from God, even though he believed himself to be deeply devoted to God. In this painful realization of how far he still had to go and how little he had climbed “the mountain” he decided to put himself to work diligently for the first time so that he could align with His Souls mission that seemed so far off and even impossible to many parts of him. Thus the work of healing from the inside out began. Deep study, and practice consumed his life as he let go of all the ways he previously was participating, and endeavored instead to heal and bring true acceptance to the parts of himself and the world that he previously judged or condemned. The elimination of criticism of all kinds was and is a soulful and guided impulse to embody deeper states of Love and Peace into all aspects of his reality (unity) . This process, with its ebbs and flows, is more consistent, and constant in sincerity, discipline, devotion and dedication. Service is the key note of his life and ever deepening intentions. First Self Realization, then God Realization. It is his wish to serve by educating any empowerment of Spiritual, intellectual, mental, emotional, and etheric revelations of Peace and Love that he has been Graced with to anyone who wishes for a deeper state of inner contentment and capacity to love the self from the Self.
“The greatest service you can render this world is your own Self realization.” -Ramana Maharishi
God bless.

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