Inner Path: A Hidden Gem in Nevada City

By Stephanie Rosignuolo

From the words of John Ernst, Inner Path director, “consciousness is everything.” From this deep inner knowing, he was guided to create a place that provides resources and sacred space for the community of Nevada County for locals and visitors to be inspired, cultivate presence and ultimately awaken to their true nature.

Following and trusting his inner guidance, he opened Inner Path Nevada City in 2013 and has manifested a beautiful space that reflects his dedication to love and service. Inner Path opens its doors to those with a desire to look within and discover their unique “inner path” to truth.

Inner Path is now at a crossroads and is  reaching out to the local community and all those that feel a resonance with the Inner Path mission of service. John has teamed up with Scott Adam, and together they are working towards a beautiful vision for the future by expanding spiritually focused community outreach and youth programs in Nevada County. Inner Path is actively fundraising and has moved to an entirely donation based yoga program. For those that have yet to visit Inner Path, here’s the inside scoop of why many people see this place as a gem:

  • A quiet, peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of downtown Nevada City, Inner Path offers a safe haven for those seeking peace, love, comfort, and acceptance.
  • The spiritual center offers a meditation, a lending library, daily donation based yoga classes, wellness services by appointment, sound healing, and a boutique that honors and celebrates diversity with products representing a variety spiritual paths.
  • Considered by many to be the “spiritual heart” of Nevada City, Inner Path welcomes a variety of facilitators offering workshops, community events, classes, concerts, kirtan and more. Each month there are new and interesting events and offerings.
  • Needing encouragement? John is a minister and spiritual counselor and is available to provide support in the form of quiet listening, intuitive counseling, prayer, affirmation, meditation, touch healing…and hugs.

For those that love Inner Path and what it provides for our community, please consider offering your support by becoming a member, making a donation, or volunteering in the center.

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