Inner Path Staff

John Ernst

John Ernst, Founder & Director

John was raised in Los Angeles and began his spiritual quest while serving in Vietnam. A graduate of Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, he has been a Yogananda disciple since his early twenties. John founded Inner Path as a way to inspire and serve others in their spiritual journey, regardless of their chosen path.

Bob Ash

Bob Ash, Assistant Director

After graduating from the USC School of Business, Bob spent much of his life as an entrepreneur and skydiver. In 2006, Bob’s life changed dramatically, and he felt the calling to lead a more inward-focused, spiritual life. After a decade of studying yoga, Bob recently became one of the first certified yoga therapists through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Bob is the founder of DevPrayag Yoga Therapy and serves as assistant director of Inner Path.

Mary Rogers

Mary Rogers, Boutique Manager & Accountant

Mary Rogers is a writer, life coach and a mentor for women. Mary came to Inner Path in 2016 in pursuit of working in an environment that nurtures her spiritual path, leaving behind a sixteen year career in Medical Management and Administration. She currently serves Inner Path in accounting and managing the Nevada City boutique and is acquiring her Usui Reiki Masters Certification.

Jagrav Quinn

Jagrav Quinn, Webmaster

Jagrav came to Nevada City from Cincinnati, Ohio where he started the Ananda Meditation Center. A long time Yogananda devotee, he has lived at Ananda Village since 1990. Jagrav serves Inner Path as webmaster and developer to Inner Path’s ever expanding web presence.

Devi Martinez

Devi Martinez, Writer & Editor

After her undergrad studies in communications & English at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and graduate studies in Cultural & Creative Industries at King’s College London, Devi’s spiritual quest unraveled through working in the hectic corporate world. Unfulfilled and feeling disconnected, she shifted into education, service and community, while continuing to focus on a healthy, balanced, spiritual life. Devi is a writer and serves as editor for Inner Path Lifestyle.

Nila Negron

Nila Negron, Marketing, Design & Events Coordinator

Nila grew up on the central coast of California and graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a degree in Graphic Communication. In 2010, she participated in the Karma Yoga program at Ananda Village and felt a strong connection to the area. After completing yoga teacher training and a year of traveling in Asia, she was called back to Nevada County in 2013. At Inner Path, Nila serves as graphic designer, event coordinator and marketing manager, while enjoying a free-spirited life of travel and yoga.

Noor Grewal

Noor Grewal, Online Store Manager

Noor was born in Northern India and moved to Vancouver, BC in 2005. He studied Computer Science at the PCTE, Ludhiana and Construction Management at BCIT, Burnaby. After many visits to California, he moved to Nevada County in 2015 and serves as the online store and web manager at Inner Path. He enjoys expanding his perspective through travel and has visited 17 countries in the last five years.

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