Inner Path Wellness Services

From time to time we all need assistance from others to stay well. Sometimes it’s for our physical well-being, but often too, a need for psychological and spiritual guidance is helpful.

Inner Path offers a wonderful selection of Wellness Practitioners to serve your needs. You can contact them directly for a private session, or visit them as part of our Daily Healers and Readers program.

You can see who is available each day for the Daily Healers and Readers program by viewing the Wellness Calendar. To make an appointment with a practitioner call our main number at 530-470-6057 or write It’s our honor to be of service.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy

Anyes Cartry, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Trainer and Somatic Instructor & Healer, Reiki Master
By Appointment: 530.277.9513 | |
Pricing: 120 minutes, $150; includes a personalized 20-25 minute recording

In 2006, Anyes was called to the transforming profession of Alchemical Hypnotherapist. Since then, she has helped over 5,000 clients come back to balance, heal from trauma, depression, anxiety, phobias, transform addictive patterns, develop performance and creativity and live their full potential.

Anyes is also a Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapy Trainer from the Alchemical Institute of Hypnosis in Santa Rosa CA where she assisted in the training for 7 years. She offers certification approved by the California Board of Secondary Education and travels where she is called around to world, offering advanced workshops. She is also a Somatic Healer, a Somatic Healing modality Instructor and a Reiki Master.

Astrological Consultant

Linda Kaye, Certified Astrological Consultant & Reiki Master 
By Appointment: 916.730.6805 | |
Pricing: 60 minutes, $175; includes a MP3 file recording

A Master Astrologer with more than 25 years experience, Linda Kaye holds a B.A. in Astrological Arts and Sciences from Kepler College in Seattle. She teaches workshops and classes, is an editor for The Mountain Astrologer Magazine, and a certified Reiki Master. Astrological client sessions are conducted in person or by phone.

Linda’s clients request insights into a broad range of important life issues from “Why does this pattern keep repeating in my romantic relationships?” to “In what professional field will I be happy and successful?” Linda applies her decades of experience as she guides you through your individualized astrological horoscope, offering greater understanding of your life’s purposes and destiny. Clients consistently comment that Linda is easy to talk to and expresses interest in answering their questions, while explaining the Astrological process.

Astrological Services

Eileen M Mello
By Appointment: 510.393.8941 |

Eileen, a second-generation Evolutionary Astrologer, was introduced to astrology at the age of 10. She holds a BA in Psychology, as well as Philosophy & Religion, and an MA in Women’s Studies in Religion. Eileen’s extensive academic study – coupled with her cross-cultural experience traveling and living in Asia, Africa and Europe – has influenced her psycho-spiritual approach to astrological teaching and consulting. She is Saturn-Mercury ruled, so you can expect her to approach to be highly verbal and flexible (Mercury), yet disciplined (Saturn)… with a flair for theatrics (Sun in the fifth house!).


  • Consultations
  • Monthly Class
  • Monthly Study Group


New Clients (90-minutes) – $175 

An in-depth look at an individual’s horoscope. This may be your personal chart, that of your child’s, or even   an event that has a specific “birth time.

Returning Clients 
Exploration of your immediate inquiries through transit review and forecast.

$125 – 60-minutes
$145 – 90-minutes

Relationship Compatibility (90-minutes) – $185*

  • Children and babies
  • Significant others
  • Business partnerships
  •  Families
    *Please note: Each client must first have an individual consultation.

Ayurvedic Wellness Counseling & Therapies

Seva Yogini AWC, PKS, LMT, HHP
Ayurvedic & Holistic Health Counselor specializing in clinical Ayurvedic treatments, diet & lifestyle counseling.

By Appointment: 831-222-0452 | |

In 1997 I began my career as an assistant to the therapists at The Chopra Center for Well Being. This inspired my path and I became certified in several western massage modalities, nutrition and herbology.  I held staff positions at The Optimum Health Institute, Sunfood Nutrition with David Wolfe and became a Holistic Midwife. I retired from Midwifery in 2015 and have come full circle to my current practice in Ayurveda.
 I am very passionate about this ancient medical system that is science and the divine in perfect harmony.  I can offer counseling services for healthier diet, and lifestyle choices and provide specific Ayurvedic therapies in your personally designed health regime to support your needs and goals. We will work together on this journey towards better health and harmony in every aspect of your life.
All of the Ayurvedic Body Therapies I offer you can learn about visiting my website addressed above.  Namaste

Cranio Sacral Therapy

Lidia Schulten-Valdizon, Massage Therapist
By Appointment: 530.945.1220 | |
Pricing: 60 minutes, $70, Initial Consultation, $80

Lidia has 20 years of experience in working with Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST) she completed her advanced training in CST, including Somato-Emotional Release Therapy at the Upledger Institute here in the US and studied the methodologies known as Talking to the Brain, Talking to the Heart at the Peirsman Cranio Sacral Academie in the Netherlands..

Lidia uses holistic principles in her body work for the connection of body, mind and spirit. She identifies stress or imbalances in the body and assists the body to heal. With Cranio Sacral therapy, the session is guided by where your body indicates to the therapist where it needs the most help. This is determined through a few different
assessment techniques. The ultimate aim of Cranio Sacral therapy is the reduce the amount of restrictions the
body is having to compensate and adapt to and allow the brain and spinal cord to function at their best.

ELAN Healing

E.L.A.N. Healing

Jason Ammerman & Carrie Hofer, Certified E.L.A.N. Healing Practitioners
By Appointment: 916.534.0213 or 916.995.7497 | |
Pricing: 60 minutes, $40

The E.L.A.N. Healing System is a gentle and highly effective set of strategies geared towards helping people to drop tension, boost spaciousness, and experience their life from totally new states of consciousness. This system assists those seeking greater life fulfillment and transformation. New clients receive a complimentary consultation.

Horacio Roa

Holistic Health Services

Horacio Roa, Natural and Holistic Health Consultant
By Appointment: 530.790.5167 | |
Pricing: Initial Session, 120 minutes, $150; Follow-Up, 60 minutes, $70 – $90

A holistic health approach can help clients with weight loss, depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, allergies, diabetes, cholesterol, headache, skin problems, stroke recovery, tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, sports injuries, stress management, senior health, heart health and more. The first session with Horacio includes Shiatsu therapy, emotional counseling and a holistic healing program.

Horacio Roa, director of Holistic Health Services, focuses on self-healing education and coaching. He is a Dietary Technician and a Certified Massage Therapist and comes from a line of family healers from Guarani South American natives. He received degrees in chemistry and nutrition and has over 30 years of experience as an intuitive healer combining Shiatsu, oriental techniques, herbs, food and water therapy into powerful holistic individualized programs for self-healing. In the last 15 years, Horacio developed a self-healing technique called Endocrine-Nervous Tracks Exercise Reprogramming (E.N.T.E.R) to promote healing at a deeper level and definitive pain relief. He has worked both in clinics and in private practice in Argentina, Spain and the United States, and has been praised for the creativity, humanity and life-changing nature of his work.

Energetic Intuitive Healing

Mary Rogers Glowczwskie, Certified Life Coach, Psychic Intuitive Taroist, Reiki Master, Writer, Sound Healer, and Wellness Advocate for Young Living Essential Oils
By Appointment: 916.470.1233 | |
Pricing: Reiki Healing Session (which may include individualized intuitive coaching) 60 min, $125; Sound Healing, 60 min, $125; Tarot Reading, 30 – 60 min, $80 – $125

Mary Rogers Glowczwskie is a Certified Life Coach, Psychic Intuitive Taroist, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Writer, and Wellness Advocate for Young Living. Her primary work is with women, teaching them how to go within, to release, to let go, and to understand the phases of the moon and the dimensions of their lives. Ms. Glowczwskie is known for holding space as women reclaim their authentic power: real, raw, and unstoppable.

Mary is passionate about providing various therapies and treatment modalities designed to approach a person as a whole: Mind, Body, and Spirit. Her programs are designed to treat, support, empower, and inspire – to bring healing, wellness, and improve the overall quality of her client’s lives. She is known to provide a safe, personal, and nurturing environment for one to fully relax, release, integrate and heal. Her favorite past time is getting naked on paper.

Intuitive Guidance

Nanci Shanderá, Ph.D., Transformational teacher & spiritual psychologist, Director and ordained transdenominational minister at EarthSpirit Center in Nevada City.

By Appointment: 530-265-9097 |
Pricing: 60 minutes, $140; 90 minutes, $210 (reduced fee considered for anyone in need and who could benefit by the work)

Dr. Nanci offers unique, Soul-based ways to move beyond the limitations of and identification with the ego so you can solve the mysteries of who you truly are, and embrace expanded perceptions of reality. She has worked with dream interpretation since childhood and intuitively guides you to discover the wise voice of the Soul within your dreams, especially those that are recurring. She also works with Pre-birth Soul Agreements, which can resolve many issues, particularly in relationships. She weaves in principles of Transformational Alchemy, the Shadow, symbology and synchronicity, ancient Mystery School processes, changes of perception through art, multiple levels of realities, Guided Imagery and more.

She studied for many years with her teacher, Brugh Joy, M.D., earned several university degrees in Transformational Psychology and education, studied pre-birth Soul Agreements with Michael Newton, Ph.D., Transformational Alchemy with Dennis William Hauck, Shamanic Healing with Michael Harner and Sandra Ingerman, and administered the Ernest Holmes School of Ministry for the Church of Religious Science in Los Angeles where she also taught self-growth intensives. She is the author of Your Inner Gold and The Quilt: A Woman’s Journey to Power. She currently teaches a variety of workshops and works with individuals at EarthSpirit Center in Nevada City as well as at other venues.

Erika Delta

Intuitive Healing and Bodywork

Erika Delta, Certified Massage Therapist
By Appointment: 916.346.6096 |
Pricing: 60 minutes $100; 90 minutes $150; 120 minutes $200

As a conduit for Great Spirit, Erika Delta continues to hold space for clients in the Tonal (Light) and the Nagual (Shadow). Her pledge to be of service shows in the blending of ancient practices (Toltecayolt) in a modern setting.

* She brings a safe, guiding touch to massage & energy sessions.
*With practices passed down to her by her teachers, she offers readings that open up an opportunity for you to consult with Spirit on issues that are important to you.
*You will journey together to reveal aspects of what is going on in your life that you may or may not have noticed.
*Staying current in healthy living modalities, she offers you a well rounded mind-body-spirit experience.

Some of Erika’s area of  studies are as follows but not limited to:
* Certified Massage Therapist
* Reiki Teacher
* Bowen Therapist
* Tarot and Orcale Reader
* Practioner of Toltecayolt

Thank you for supporting my practice.

1:1 Meditation Coaching

Avanti Centre, Modern Meditation – Founder, Meditation Coach
By Appointment: 530.591.3669 |
Pricing: $1250 for 10 customized sessions, approximately 1.5 hours each

Meditation is a massage for the soul.

Science has confirmed what we knew all along, that meditation can help you be successful, beat stress, overcome fear, sleep better, have more energy, get clarity of purpose, feel happy, balance your emotions, liberate your heart, reduce inflammation, heal addictions, and more. However, learning to find your zone can be challenging – Avanti is here to help!

Avanti is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, award-winning author, and has been meditating for 25+ years. Her first teacher training was in 1992, and consisted of 40 days of 4 a.m. sadhana. She has over seven years’ experience in the healing arts, and has a gift for helping others move through whatever is blocking their road to meditative peace. She enjoys using her talents to teach others, through 1:1 meditation coaching and writing fiction.

Practitioner & Pilates Trainer Extraordinaire

Jaime Lyn Kelley
By Appointment: 530.581.5152 |
Pricing: $85 for 50 minutes, $115 for 70 minutes. All sessions are uniquely tailored.

Jaime brings 27 years experience in massage and bodywork to the table. She received her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in arts: specifically studying Táng Buddhist & Native American cultures’ ceremonial use of plant medicine, humanities, counseling educational psychology & philosophy. In 1993, Jaime moved to Tahoe, raised her family and has been in Nevada County ever since.

Through work, play, injury & Pilates, Jaime has developed a unique style of bodywork that incorporates movement, neuromuscular, trigger point & cranial sacral therapies. Specializing in injury rehabilitation & corrective exercise, her work provides lasting results, relieving pain, strengthening & re-educating balance in her clients’ bodies.

Psychic Guidance

Ingrid Turner, Psychic Medium
By Appointment: 310.948.7384 | |
Pricing: 60 minutes, $170

Ingrid began communing with Spirit when she was a young child, but like many with this innate gift, she repressed it for much of her life.  It wasn’t until a profoundly transformational shamanic journey at age 30 that she re-awoke to her ability to communicate with departed loved ones, spirits guides, energies and the collective unconscious. She found her footing again on her life path: to facilitate communication between you and Spirit.  Ingrid works with clients worldwide and has recently relocated her main office from Los Angeles to Nevada City.

A channeled session is safe, personal, in-depth and solution-oriented. Each session is individual; Ingrid channels messages for you directly from Spirit. You will receive what you need for healing, personal and spiritual growth and to illuminate for you the path to your highest lifetime potential. This is where you discover your life purpose.

Psychic Medium

Linamarie Sojka
By Appointment: 530.615.9957 |
Pricing: $125/hr (open to trade or discounts based on need) 

Linamarie has been able to connect with spirit since she was a child. She studied under a professional psychic medium for several years in Berkeley Ca but it was not until a very painful miscarriage that prompted Linamarie to use her skills as a psychic medium to connect with her guides and her unborn baby to find meaning, connection and closure. It was through her own self-healing she realized that her gift must be shared with others who are struggling with unresolved trauma and suffering in their lives. She has worked in Berkeley Ca, teaching workshops on how to become more in touch with intuition and offering group and one on one readings for the last five years professionally.
Offering: I create a safe container to allow for communication with Spirit, guides, and ancestors and loved ones who have passed.

Relationship Coaching

Offers discounted packages on weekly sessions.
By appointment: (530) 613-6833 |
Facebook: Relationship Igniters / Instagram: maeveorv_relationshipigniters

Maeve and Orv Fry, MA, Relationship Igniters, are Master Coaches of Relationship, Intimacy, Communication and Sexuality. We believe that Relationship is a Spiritual Path. We are passionately dedicated to creating empowered partnerships.

A thriving married couple of 22 years, we model what we teach. We have coached couples and individuals as a couple since 1998.

Using insight, empathy and years of experience, we guide you to have more of yourselves, as well as more connection and harmony with your partner. With our combined 40-plus years ­­­ of experience, we offer proven tools for growth and change. We treat you and your relationship as unique.

We know you are doing the best you can right now, and we believe you can always have more!

We are delighted to offer monthly workshops at Inner Path. We welcome you to the room of safety and love!

Orv Fry holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling. He has practiced for over 40 years, and is the author of two books on Intimacy and Sexuality. Orv is a certified practitioner of EMDR. He was trained by Francine Shapiro, the founder of EMDR. Orv is available to see private clients.

Maeve has studied with Alison Armstrong, the creator of the Queen’s Code, and offers an 8 week series based on the this cutting edge path to empowered partnership. She is also available to see private clients.

Soul Path Readings / Quantum Energy Therapy (QET)

By appointment: (916) 757-7346 |

Sessions: Quantum Energy Therapy $125/hr / Soul Path Readings $200/75 mins

Heather Rose B.S., Founder of Quantum Energy Therapy, The School for Earth Healers, Certified Energetic Healer and Massage Therapist, Akashic Record Reader, Reiki Master, 10 year rainforest immersion study of medicinal plants and traditional healing practices.

Quantum Energy Therapy™ (QET)

Quantum Energy Therapy will change your life. Receive powerful energetic therapy that will shift unconscious trauma and old patterns out of your body permanently.

A reading of your chakras and energetic bodies will reveal blocks and healing will open you to your full potential and soul’s gifts.

Shamanic processing is used to identify and clear soul wounds that have been carried for many lifetimes.

Soul Path Readings

Are you in transition and feel lost? Do you know what your soul’s purpose is and how to awaken this in a practical, tangible way?

This session is both a psychic reading of your chakras, body, energetic field, and life with the healing to accompany anything that is discovered that is blocking your path or causing pain.  Together we will connect with your soul, on the soul plane, to uncover information that will help you awaken your core life purpose.

Sound, Energy & Quantum Healer | Clinical Hypnotherapist

Shantparv Roloff
By Appointment: 206-259-9084 |
Pricing: $120.00 for a 90 minute session, $150.00 for a 120 minute session , Package sessions start at $270.00 for 3 – 90 minute sessions

We live in a musical and undivided Universe, Everything in our Universe vibrates, creating patterns of geometric wave-forms, frequencies, musical intervals, and sounds. There is only one true disease, that is the disturbance or blockage of the flow of these life energies in the body, mind and spirit.

Shantparv blends the Accelerator with a sound based treatment that is similar to acupuncture but uses tuning forks instead of needles, along with specific energetic, manipulations capable of releasing blocked energy, tension and balancing one’s life energy systems. and if applicable, Ericksonian/Facticity Hypnosis. The sound system utilizes precision calibrated tuning forks, that are applied to specific acupuncture and Chakra points. The energetic manipulations follow the basic principals of Oriental medicine, accessible in a non-invasive way and provide an adjunct therapy that integrates beautifully into clinical practice. Particular frequencies have balancing effects on physical, emotional, or etheric levels and resonate with particular organ systems and tissues. When combined with energy center balancing, results are unmistakable.

The Ericksonian/Facticity Hypnosis is a client centered psychotherapeutic approach that uses hypnotic trance and one of the fundamental laws of nature, the dance of opposites or the attraction and union of opposites, creating a balanced middle point. As a Clinical Hypnotherapist  I function as a bio-feedback mechanism for the client to empower themselves with their healing process.

Spiritual Healer

Bri Griffen
By Appointment: 916-710-2144 | /

Bri Griffen is a dedicated Healer that uses several different healing modalities to address the core and cause of why disease or imbalances manifest in the body. Her wide range of skills and experience address the many different needs of her clients. Her approach focuses on balancing the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of each person so reach optimum health.

Her offerings:

  1. Pranic Healing: a powerful and effective Energy Healing system. Certified Associate Pranic Healer. $100 initial/$85 follow-up

  2. Rebirthing Breathwork: transformational Breathwork. $111 Initial/$90 follow up

  3. 1-on-1, Couple or Group Yoga Sessions. $50 single session, or $60 couple

  4. Chakra Evaluation/Spiritual Counseling: $25 for 15 min or $40 for 30 min

John Ernst

Spiritual Counseling

John Ernst, Minister
By Appointment: 530.470.6057 |
Pricing: 60 minutes, $50

Founder and director of Inner Path, John was born in Los Angeles, California. He began his spiritual quest at age 18 while serving in South Vietnam. A disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, John has a B.A. degree in eastern religious studies and alternative healing. He has been a new age minister for 30 plus years and has many years training in a variety of healing modalities.

John’s spiritual counseling services embrace his deep knowledge of spiritual truth and how it applies to each one of us. His methodology includes quiet listening, intuitive counseling, prayer, affirmation, meditation and touch healing.

Therapeutic Massage

Stephanie Iris
By Appointment: 415.519.4601 |
Pricing: 60min – $80 | 90min – $115 | 120min – $150

Every body has a unique genetic code. Stephanie personalizes each massage specific to what each client is needing and wanting in a session in regards to pain management and type of pressure. She uses the modalities of essential oils, guided meditation for deep relaxation, reiki, aura cleansing, stretching, and lifestyle/yoga advice when needed. Quality of pressure varies from light lymphatic work, medium/firm pressure, to deep tissue techniques and trigger point therapy.

Vedic Astrology

Kalidas Hansen
By Appointment: 530.470.2365 |
Pricing: $125 for 90-120 min. reading (Includes a Recording & Follow-up Questions)

An astrology reading is intended to lead you to a deeper self-knowledge and greater clarity on your life path

Kalidas specializes in a yogic approach to Vedic Astrology by correlating the planetary natures with the energy centers in the spiritual body, commonly known as Chakras. The basic premise of any session is based on one simple question: How can we find deep spiritual growth as well as true, lasting fulfillment in our lives?

Kalidas has trained with Drupada Macdonald. He has been practicing the Kriya Yoga teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda since 2004 which has been a tremendous influence in his approach to Vedic astrology.

Kalidas offers practical advice based on the teachings of yoga as well as gemstone recommendations, relationship compatibility and finding harmony and fulfillment in all areas of one’s life. He has resided at Ananda Village, an intentional yoga community, since 2009.

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