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What We Offer

There’s so much to experience at our new location that it’s somewhat of an understatement to say we’re a boutique and yoga studio. It has much more a feel of a spiritual center.

Inner Path Boutique

Our beautiful new boutique is about 50% bigger than before and includes lots of new items. Can’t make it the store? You can also shop online!

Yoga Studio

Our yoga studio hosts a variety of yoga classes, workshops, kirtans and other special events. Visit our Events Calendar for a complete listing of current offerings. For more information about hosting an event at Inner Path, contact us via email at

Meditation Room

We have a lovely meditation room with an interfaith altar that honors many of the spiritual traditions of the world. The meditation room is open for quiet meditation and prayer daily from 9 am – 6 pm.

Healing Room

Our center includes a treatment room used for counseling, bodywork and other wellness services. If you’re interested in offering your services at Inner Path, please contact us via email at

Community Lending Library

We have a collection of spiritual and health oriented books in the center for you to enjoy and borrow. If you have books that you would like to donate for our center, we would be most appreciative!

Free Offerings

We offer daily morning meditation from 9-10 am. If you have additional ideas for how our spiritual center can serve our community, please feel free to share!

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