Inner Path Teachers

Horacio Roa

Horacio Roa

Horacio is a Certified Massage Therapist and an intuitive healer who combines Shiatsu, Chinese medicine, herbalism, diet and water therapy into powerful individualized programs for self-healing. He  has worked 30+ years in clinics and private practice in Argentina, Spain and the United States and has been praised for the creativity, humanity, and life-changing nature of his work.

Nicole Swingle

Nicole has been on the path of yoga since she was a young gal. She grew up in the Bay Area ghetto and through yoga and spiritual teachings, she was able to see a better way of life for herself. She offers a safe place for everyone to connect deeply to their being as well as techniques and tools to quiet the mental landscape, creating space for more peace and calmness. Her intention is to offer students a practice that promotes self-compassion and kindness.

Jaya Love Phillips

Jaya teaches Kundalini Yoga with an emphasis on bringing out your true voice. It’s her passion to help people awaken to their own power and heal their misaligned beliefs and ailments from their past experiences. Kundalini Yoga has the power to pull out the subconscious garbage that we hang onto unknowingly and that trips us up in life through movement, meditation, breath, sound and feeling our emotions. Jaya discovered Kundalini Yoga and took her first teacher training in 2004 and has been practicing and singing the chants since then. She is also a trained hypnotherapist, cleanse expert and musician, utilizing gong, harmonium, didgeridoo, tuning forks, shaman’s drum, flutes and more. She regularly holds sound healing events and has offered her services at healing retreats around the country.

Ingrid Holman

Ingrid Holman was born and raised in Germany. She studied Music and Movement Education in Austria and has trained and performed Modern Dance. When she took her first yoga class, many years later, she knew she finally found her path. Ingrid has did her Yoga Teacher Training in Ashtanga Yoga in San Francisco. Since moving to Nevada County she continued her trainings in Ananda Yoga and Virabhava Yoga (500 hours). She has been teaching yoga for over 15 years in Germany, the Bay area, and Nevada County.

Ingrid’s classes are influenced by her movement and dance background. She incorporates different traditional Hatha Yoga while blending movement and alignment in a gentle creative flow, including breathing practices. She makes yoga accessible to everybody all ages, all levels reconnecting body mind and soul.

Vahini Abbruzzese, E-RYT 500

After teaching Ananda Yoga for the last 10 years in the spiritual community of Ananda Europe, in Italy, now Vahini teaches in the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training program in Nevada City, CA.

She is a trained Prenatal and Restorative yoga instructor.

Vahini has been practicing the teachings of yoga for 15 years following the Kriya Yoga tradition of Paramhansa Yogananda, through his disciple Swami Kriyananda. She feels gratified to see how yoga can transform student’s lives for the best and how it can create authentic connections, friendship and support between students. She feels that sharing the teachings of yoga is a privilege and a joy.

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