Inner Path Teachers

Errin Hurtado

Errin Hurtado, creator of Illuminance Wellness is a certified bodyworker/ holistic wellness practitioner, and 500 hour yoga certified teacher with multiple modalities and certifications. With over a decade of experience, her mission is to assist and empower clients in bringing forth the highest frequency and awareness of themselves through bodywork, self care practices and intuitive listening. Weaving together the wide array of her experience as a healer and her intuitive touch, she creates expansive space for an altering experience that is different with every human. Deeply passionate about bringing community back to home with self-love and remembrance. Available for booking.

Horacio Roa

Horacio Roa

Horacio is a Certified Massage Therapist and an intuitive healer who combines Shiatsu, Chinese medicine, herbalism, diet and water therapy into powerful individualized programs for self-healing. He has worked 30+ years in clinics and private practice in Argentina, Spain and the United States and has been praised for the creativity, humanity, and life-changing nature of his work.

Jacquie Weills

Jacquie is a southern transplant from 40 years ago. She came straight to Nevada City from Louisiana, except for a short stint cooking for river trips on the Colorado River…and never left. She has been doing yoga for about 25 years.

She received her training from Tracey Rich and Ganga White, Lotus Yoga Studio in Santa Barbara. She has done many workshops; Therapeutic Yoga with Cheri Clampett, Chakra Yoga workshop at Ananda and weekend workshops with Sara Powers and Shiva Rae, plus many more. She worked at Wild Mountain for years and traveled to local schools to teach yoga for the teachers after school. She teaches a restorative class with emphasis on strength, breath, balance and complete restoration. She is also a gardener and sells flowers. / (530) 913-8505

Liz W. Wagner

I share my teachings from a background in energetic healing practices, Buddhist meditation, Yoga Training, Ayurvedic medicine, connecting to nature, world travel, music, my personal healing journey, and an overzealous love and enthusiasm for my dog. I strive to teach in a way that empowers students to become their own teacher, and provides space for authentic feeling, expression, release, and play 🙂

Teena Marie Bates

Trained in the Ananda Yoga and Iyengar Tradition of Hatha Yoga. Former owner of Sacred Strength Healing Arts Yoga Studio in Daytona Beach Fl. I have had the pleasure of teaching Hatha yoga and meditation since 1987 in San Diego, San Francisco, Doha Qatar and Daytona Beach FL.


Ananda Hatha Yoga 200hrs. / ongoing teacher 35 years (Iyengar based)
KRI Level 1 Aquarian Kundalini Teacher 220hr. 2018 teacher of Kundalini Yoga 5 years
Level 3 Qigong Instructor / Supreme Science
Level 1 Pranic Healing certification
Certified Connect Warriors teacher for Veterans / Trauma Conscious Yoga

Teena Marie Bates; 209-740-3098

Yvon Dockter

Yvon has lived in Nevada County for 38 years, raising a family as a successful local and nationally-known ceramic and metal artist. After discovering the healing and strengthening effects of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, as well as a natural love of teaching, she became certified through Vital Energy Arts.

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